Primary Attribute Agility
Strength 180 (+17)
Agility 230 (+28)
Intelligence 210 (+20)
Starting Health 225
Movement Speed 2.75
Weapon Damage 50.02 (+2.81)
Weapon Speed 1.55
Attack Range 4.5
Armor 230 (+28)
Sight Range 12
Class Fighter
Role Carry
Status Current
Alignment Neutral Good

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Tassadar walks the stars in his etheral form, seeking a way to return to the physical world. Having fused himself with the Overmind's cortex, his etheral presence is limited to the presence of young overminds. Now that the Sanctum has come under attack, Tassadar's presence is strengthened by the collective focus of native preservers.

Possessing access to both the Khala and the Void, Tassadar is an adept of illusion and stealth. He commands spirits from the Khala, who fuse together to focus their energies.


Skills/Khala AEther Skills/Khala Triforce Skills/Juxtapose Skills/Elude i love you

Playing as EnTaro.TassadarEdit

Tassadar is completely useless until late game. You have to farm the entire match. Basically if you want to kill heros then play a different hero because while he is an easy hero to play it takes some skill to be able to use Tassadar effectively.

Build: Treks, Carapace/Mantle, Pyre, Lasher, Lasher, Lasher

This build allows you some survivability, attack speed and insane DPS. 3 Lashers provide 90 dps in true damage.

Playing against EnTaro.TassadarEdit

  • Get Detection. It'll help isolate the real Tassadar from his clones, so you can home in on him.
  • get a resonator to stop the energy loses.

Premium GuideEdit

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