Primary Attribute Strength
Strength 27 (+5)
Agility 27 (+6)
Intelligence 21 (+4)
Starting Health 225
Movement Speed 2.8
Weapon Damage 34
Weapon Speed 1.8
Attack Range 4
Armor 7.64
Sight Range 12
Class DPS
Role Physical Carry
Status Current
Alignment Neutral Good

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After the Arakkoa takeover of Sketti land, Grunty found himself with no home or family in the Outlands. During a brief visit to Shattrath, Raynor found Grunty crawling across the Bone Wastes, and decided to take him along to the outer reaches of space.

Grunty has adapted well to interstellar weaponry, swearing never again to find himself defenseless against the elements. He is equipped with a full arsenal of standard weaponry from stasis traps to rocket propelled inflatable Tychus explosives.


Skills/Point Blank Skills/Assualt Shawtgun Hello! Skills/Rocket Lawncher Skills/River Racer

Playing as Molgloo.GruntyEdit

Grunty is an str hero based who benefits from agility due his potential dps standard hero.

All his spells have a tactical component as slow, stun or knockback and the use of them make them difference between a good and a bad grunty. It is more important the use you do from your skills rather damage you get with them.

Items are mostly based on agility with a few str and health.

He benefits highly from passive stats since early game due his lack of energy which caps his abilty to aoe creeps for long time. More enrgy and more damage means you can spam more abilities though his damage component could be a bit smaller.

Playing against Molgloo.GruntyEdit

Premium GuideEdit

Not currently available.

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