Primary Attribute Strength
Strength 27 (+6)
Agility 23 (+4)
Intelligence 25 (+5)
Starting Health 250
Movement Speed 2.8
Weapon Damage 30
Weapon Speed 1.8
Attack Range 5
Armor 3
Sight Range 12
Class Fighter
Role Physical Carry
Status Current
Alignment Neutral Evil

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Sarah.Kerrigan Edit


In a past life, Kerrigan was a ghost working for the Confederacy under Emperor Mengsk. After her abandonment on New Gettysburg, she is consumed by the Overmind and transformed into The Queen of Blades. Purposed with aiding the Overmind to avert the extinction of the Zerg, she rises through the Zerg heirarchy to lead them to an uncertain future.

Kerrigan is armed wit bladed anatomy and cancerous regeneration, allowing her to craft serrated bone with which she can manipulate psionically to cut down her enemies.


Skills/Exhume Skills/Bone Blade Boomerang Skills/Glaive Wurm Skills/Bone Armor Skills/Swarm Invasion

Playing as KerriganEdit

Playing against KerriganEdit

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