Brownstone Fissure
Brownstone Fissure
Class Normal
Hotkey Q
Type Active
Target Type Point
TBone creates a wall of Portable Outhouses 10 units towards a target location, lasting 8 seconds, and dealing 50/100/150/200 (+100% INT) Spell Damage to nearby enemies. If TBone is fully charged, an extra fissure is created and they form a V shape.
Level Description Energy CD Rng
1 Deals 50 (+80% INT) damage on impact. 125 18 10
2 Deals 100 (+80% INT) damage on impact. 140 18 10
3 Deals 150 (+80% INT) damage on impact. 155 18 10
4 Deals 200 (+80% INT) damage on impact. 170 18 10
  • Damage effect has radius of 1.25

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