Aberrated Claymore
Aberrated Claymore
Class Normal
Hotkey E
Type Toogle
Target Type None
BioTron burrows underground, increasing his time scale by 20%. He can then resurface at a target point, along with 3/4/5/6 Infected Civilians. Enemies near the resurface point are sucked in towards BioTron and take 80/160/240/320 (+100% INT) Spell Damage.
Level Description Health Energy CD
1 Deals 80 (+100% INT) damage. Spawns 3 Infected Civilians. 6% 20% 15
2 Deals 160 (+100% INT) damage. Spawns 4 Infected Civilians. 6% 20% 15
3 Deals 240 (+100% INT) damage. Spawns 5 Infected Civilians. 6% 20% 15
4 Deals 320 (+100% INT) damage. Spawns 6 Infected Civilians. 6% 20% 15
  • While burrowed, these actions and skills are disabled:
  • While burrowed, Aberrated Claymore (Resurface) is put in place of the icon with hotkey E. Cast range of 12.
  • Pull and splash damage has 3.3 radius
  • Cooldown starts when BioTron burrows, and is independent of when he resurfaces

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