Immortal Solace
Immortal Solace
Class Active
Hotkey W
Type Active
Target Type None
Lord Zyrkhan summons an energy barrier around himself for 5 seconds. The ring fires off multiple projectiles at nearby enemies, dealing Spell Damage per second, distributed amongst nearby enemies.
Level Description Energy CD
1 Deals 80 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second. 80 18
2 Deals 140 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second. 100 18
3 Deals 200 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second. 120 18
4 Deals 260 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second. 140 18

The barrier will pull enemies along with you. Using this you can drag them into towers or isolate a hero for an easy team kill. The barrier is easily escapable with a blink. If the total speed force on the barrier is over 6, any units breaching the speed will be able to escape it.

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