Rocket Lawncher
Rocket Lawncher
Class Normal
Hotkey E
Type Active
Target Type Point
Grunty fires a rocket across the map towards the target direction. The rocket impacts the first unit that it hits, dealing 70/140/210/280 (+100% INT) Spell Damage in an area, and stunning the impacted unit for a duration based on the distance travelled. Stun duration starts at 0.5 seconds, and increases at the rate of 0.5 seconds per 3.333 units travelled.
Level Description Energy CD Rng
1 Deals 70 (+100% INT) splash damage. 110 25 500
2 Deals 140 (+100% INT) splash damage. 110 25 500
3 Deals 210 (+100% INT) splash damage. 110 25 500
4 Deals 280 (+100% INT) splash damage. 110 25 500
  • The rocket reveals an area around it

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