Spatial Flux
Spatial Flux
Class Normal
Hotkey E
Type Active
Target Type Point
Gravitus's immense mass causes him to warp time and space. By sliding his gravitational influence along the fabric of space, he can compress residual energies around him, replenishing the energy of nearby allied units and teleporting to the target location.
Level Description CD Rng
1 Replenishes 40 (+5% INT) energy to nearby allies. 5 unit teleport. 19 5
2 Replenishes 70 (+5% INT) energy to nearby allies. 6 unit teleport. 18 6
3 Replenishes 100 (+5% INT) energy to nearby allies. 7 unit teleport. 17 7
4 Replenishes 130 (+5% INT) energy to nearby allies. 8 unit teleport. 16 8

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