Each lane has three towers - each different types. The first tower in the lane is the Alpha, the second the Beta tower and the third Gamma. Each sequential tower becomes vulnerable when the previous tower is destroyed. When all three towers in a lane are destroyed, the Omega towers become vulnerable. Once both Omega towers are destroyed, the Artifact Temple may then be killed to win the game.

Towers always attack creeps first - unless a hero is attacked by another hero. Whenever a tower lands a hit on an enemy hero, it gains a temporary 20% damage boost. This boost stacks.

The utility ability, Defense Matrix, may be used to make towers invulnerable and to increase their Weapon Speed by 100% for 5 seconds. This can be used to gank a hero early game.


Alpha TowersEdit

Plasma Cannon Alpha Name Viral Cannon Alpha
160 Damage 160
1.5 A.S. 1.5
8.5 Range 8.5
1000/2000 Life 3000
60% Resistance 60%

Beta TowersEdit

Plasma Cannon Beta Name Viral Cannon Beta
240 Damage 240
1.5 A.S. 1.5
8.5 Range 8.5
1000/3000 Life 4000
65% Resistance 65%

Gamma TowersEdit

Plasma Cannon Gamma Name Viral Cannon Gamma
300 Damage 300
1.5 A.S. 1.5
8.5 Range 8.5
1000/4000 Life 5000
70% Resistance 70%

Omega TowersEdit

Plasma Cannon Omega Name Viral Cannon Omega
360 Damage 360
1.5 A.S. 1.5
8.5 Range 8.5
1000/5000 Life 6000
75% Resistance 75%

Zeta TowersEdit

Plasma Cannon Zeta Name Viral Cannon Zeta
1000 (TRUE DAMAGE) Damage 1000 (TRUE DAMAGE)
0.6 A.S. 0.6
14.5 Range 14.5
Invulnerable Life Invulnerable
75% Resistance 75%

Damage ResistanceEdit

The damage resistance which towers receive only reduces the amount of damage heroes do to towers. Creeps deal full damage. This was implemented to prevent backdooring (attacking a tower when there are no creeps nearby).

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