Primary Attribute Intelligence
Strength 180 (+18)
Agility 150 (+16)
Intelligence 220 (+28)
Starting Health 200
Movement Speed 2.75
Weapon Damage 45.02 (+2.8)
Weapon Speed 1.6
Attack Range 5
Armor 150 (+16)
Sight Range 12
Class  ??
Role  ??
Status Current
Introduced v4.25
Alignment Chaotic Good

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Viron's stomach is filled with a bountiful array of viral strains. Tasked by the Overmind to spread his contagion across the galaxies, he delights in spewing noxious fumes which control his various enemies and lessen their effectiveness in battle. Support your allies in team fights and ensure that the enemy's strongest heroes are rendered ineffective by chaining Phages on your primary target.

Sin título-5

Epidemic (passive): Viron's abilities affect two targets, plus one additional target near the primary target for every unique Phage that is already affecting the target, up to 4 total targets.

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Neural Phage: Every time the target casts a spell, his ability cooldown is doubled, and you gain energy equal to four times the ability normal cooldown. Only affects Heroes.

level Info. 16px-Energy

Debuff lasts 8 seconds.

2 Debuff lasts 10 seconds.
3 Debuff lasts 12 seconds.
4 Debuff lasts 14 seconds.

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Aerobic Phage: If the target attacks while affected by Aerobic Phage, he is stunned for 1 second and takes damage.

Level Information
1 Lasts 8 seconds. Target takes 40 (+3% INT) damage.
2 Lasts 10 seconds. Target takes 60 (+3% INT) damage.
3 Lasts 12 seconds. Target takes 80 (+3% INT) damage.
4 Lasts 14 seconds. Target takes 100 (+3% INT) damage.

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Gaseous Phage: For the duration of the debuff, target enemy deals damage per second to nearby enemies.

Level 16px-Energy
1 Lasts 8 seconds. Deals 15 (+1% INT) damage per second.
2 Lasts 10 seconds. Deals 20 (+1% INT) damage per second.
3 Lasts 12 seconds. Deals 25 (+1% INT) damage per second.
4 Lasts 14 seconds. Deals 30 (+1% INT) damage per second.

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Viral Catalyst: Volkov globally slows movement speeds by 50%, and refreshes all Phage debuffs that are currently active. All affected units take damage for every Phage refreshed in this way.

Level 16px-Energy
1 1.5 second slow. Deals 50 (+5% INT) damage for each Phage.

2.5 second slow. Deals 75 (+5% INT) damage for each Phage.


3.5 second slow. Deals 100 (+5% INT) damage for each Phage.

Playing as Viron.VolkovEdit

Playing against Viron.VolkovEdit

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